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Boise Auto Metric is THE auto repair service of choice, regardless of make or model. We are your neighborhood garage! Just check all of our five star reviews.

Do you own a car that needs service or maintenance? Are you feeling a bit anxious because the check engine light pops on, your car is acting up, or there is a new noise that you've never heard before? "Today of all days," you say to yourself. "I don't have the time, money or inclination to deal with this today!"

Many folks actually experience "Auto Anxiety", the fear of all things automotive. "Do I take my car to the dealership service department? That's gonna cost an arm and a leg. If not the dealer, then who?"

Relax... Luckily you have a friend and an ASE Certified crew of auto mechanics near you in Boise, Idaho. Auto Metric delivers high-quality auto service and the best customer service in the area. You can talk directly to the person who is going to perform the service and know that you and your vehicles are in great hands.

Full Auto Repair Services | Auto Metric Boise

Auto Metric is a full-service automotive service center and tire shop. Why take your vehicle to a national chain for service only to find out you need a minor repair or additional diagnosis that they can't do? Now you have to drive to an automotive repair shop and start all over again.

    Why take your car to the dealership and pay top dollar when you can get the exact same service with better customer care from our auto service experts?

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations
  • Brake Repair Specialist
  • Steering and Suspensions
  • Mechanical Issues
  • Electrical Issues
  • And pretty much anything else you can think of!
+ More Services
    Our ASE Certified Mechanics perform the following service and maintenance items at a reasonable cost:

  • Foreign Car Specialty
  • Complete Auto Repairs
  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  • Complete Safety Analysis
  • Drivability Problems
  • Tune Up and Regular Maintenance
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
+ More Services

Reasons for Regular
Auto Repairs and Maintenance

Keeping your car maintained will help keep its value when it comes time to sell. It’s not just about the paint job and the interior. Your vehicle is a major investment that can be reliable for many years, given the right service.
Regular Maintenance

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting regular maintenance services! Getting regularly scheduled auto maintenance by our auto service experts will lessen the likelihood that your car will wear out before its time. A little preventative maintenance now helps maintain your vehicle's integrity and keeps you safe on the road.

Auto Repair Bills

Bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance will save you thousands of dollars in expensive auto repair bills. That is even more likely to happen if you skip your regular foreign car service. Putting off minor repairs can cause even more damage and ultimately cost you much more money down the road.

Road Worthy

Knowing that your car is road worthy saves you stress. When your vehicle is properly maintained, you can have a worry free road trip with no concerns of breakdown. You'll always feel safe in your vehicle. Your peace of mind is worth it. Located on Vista Avenue in Boise, our auto repair shop is centrally located and easily accessed from I-84.

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